Reduce the visible sign of wrinkles in 8 weeks.

Experience the transformative power of our unique formula, specifically designed with a dual-source blend of Marine and Bovin Collagen that maximises wellness, skin elasticity, joint health and beauty.

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Glowing skin

After two days of taking these supplements I noticed a marked difference in my skin. My 50 + skin is glowing. Got to wait and see what it does for my wrinkles but so far, so good. Well worth a punt. I’ve decided to subscrib


Easy to swallow capsules. They're really having a noticeable effect on my joints, my skin, hair and nails, and my overall sense of wellbeing. When considering the additional nutrients and the price per capsule, I'd still recommend them as they're a worthwhile investment in yourself.

Fight your natural decline in Collagen.

Collagen, a critical protein for skin health, naturally diminishes as we age. From the age of 20, our collagen stores start to decrease by 1.5% annually. This reduction in collagen has significant impacts on skin elasticity and overall appearance. By the age of 60, you may have lost about 80% of your natural collagen production capacity. This leads to reduced skin elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging skin.

Harness the Power of Collagen in Every Capsule!

Re-Coll 1200mg Collagen Capsules

Discover the strength of Beauty Blends Collagen Capsules, a dynamic supplement designed to revitalise your skin and support joint health. Our capsules are filled with a balanced blend of Type I, II, and III collagen, sourced from the highest quality ingredients. Each capsule is a step towards enhancing your body's collagen stores, crafted for those who prefer the convenience and precision of a capsule form.

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Elevate Your Wellness with Every Drop!

Re-Coll Collagen Liquid

Uncover the secret to age-defying beauty with Re-Coll Collagen Liquid. This premium liquid supplement is your gateway to rejuvenating your skin, hair, and nails. It’s uniquely formulated with a substantial 10,000 mg dose of hydrolyzed collagen, blending types I, II, and III to ensure comprehensive benefits. Our liquid supplement is masterfully crafted for superior absorption and effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a potent and convenient way to enhance their collagen levels.

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On-the-Go Beauty & Wellness Boost

Re-Coll Collagen Powder Sachets

Elevate your health regime with Beauty Blend Collagen Powder Sticks, your perfect partner for beauty and wellness on the go. These individual powder sticks are packed with a powerful mix of Type I, II, and III collagen, offering a full spectrum of benefits. Designed for ease of use and portability, they're the ideal solution for busy lifestyles.

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What is collagen and why is it important?

Collagen is a protein found in the body that plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity, joint health, and overall structural integrity. It's essential for maintaining youthful skin, strong bones, and healthy connective tissues.

What types of collagen does Re-Coll offer?

Re-Coll Beauty Blend offers two main types of collagen: bovine (derived from cows) and marine (sourced from fish). These types provide a broad spectrum of amino acids and health benefits.

How does bovine collagen benefit the body?

Bovine collagen, primarily type I and III, supports skin health, bone strength, and may help with joint pain and stiffness. It's beneficial for overall structural support.

What are the advantages of marine collagen?

Marine collagen, predominantly type I, is known for its skin rejuvenating properties. It's highly bioavailable, meaning it's easily absorbed by the body, and is particularly effective for skin elasticity and hydration.

How quickly can I expect to see results from taking collagen?

The time frame for visible results can vary based on individual factors like age, diet, and lifestyle. Typically, consistent use for about 8 to 12 weeks is necessary to notice improvements in skin, joint health, or overall vitality.

Can Re-Coll collagen products help with joint health?

Yes, our collagen products, especially those containing bovine collagen, are formulated to strengthen joints and improve mobility. They can be particularly helpful for those experiencing joint discomfort or stiffness.